The summer fun times don’t stop around here. In this week’s episode, Rasmus takes on the responsibility of entertaining children of all ages and temperaments, while Rene has been catching up on Swedish Radio’s summer programming.

To clarify the situation, “Summer” is a Swedish Radio institution where for a couple hours every day, all summer, they let a wide variety of profiles talk about a wide variety of topics and play whatever music they fancy. This year Swedish cartoonist Liv Strömquist was invited to speak, and for two hours she spoke about menses. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. Most of Liv’s work is in Swedish but there’s some great stuff in English too.

Also Rasmus is not the misogynist culprit.

Also a fair heads-up. Our baby is due pretty much any day/week now. You never can tell, but the baby is technically full-term at this point. So while we will update once a week, we can’t promise exactly which day. Stay tuned!